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Located in Midlothian and the West End, Hot House Yoga offers a life changing experience.  We offer 75+ classes every week known as "Flow" or "Stability," both of which transform your mind and body. 

Not every hot yoga studio is the same. An uncontrolled humidified and heated room can raise humidity and reduce oxygen levels causing an unhealthy breathing environment. The Hot House Yoga system purifies the air to eliminate bacteria, viruses and odors. Hot House Yoga has the healthiest and the most carefully monitored environmental air quality available in Richmond

Everyone who practices at Hot House Yoga is treated like family. From our knowledgeable, courteous staff and teachers who greet you before class, to the high-end services we provide at no extra cost, you will see why there is no other studio like Hot House Yoga.

Start today and get three weeks of unlimited classes for only $59! 

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Benefits of hot yoga include: 

➺ reduced stress, anxiety, and depression
➺ weight loss
➺ muscle toning
➺ increased blood circulation which stimulates your heart and strengthens it's contractions
➺ lower blood pressure
➺ improved flexibility & strength
➺ making you feel more energized, rejuvenated, and cleansed
➺ increased metabolism
➺ stimulation of white blood cell production which boosts the immune system
➺ promoted relaxation
➺ more rapid healing of injuries and disease symptoms

... and much more.


Hear What Other Happy Hot Housers Are Saying ...


Eric's been practicing with us for the past couple of years now and shares his experience with us!


"This is not only the best yoga studio in town, but also one of the absolute best fitness studios I have ever been in my life in terms of methodology, personnel, attitude, dedication, professionalism, involvement, education...  
I just love this place and all its yogis. 
You continue to teach me so much. Not just about yoga, but about myself, reaching inside, finding my own peace, being patient."

Thank you. Namaste 

- Maria Quintas-Herron


"This is real yoga, taught by thoughtful, conscientious, caring instructors. The Stability and Flow (Vinyasa) series complement each other, and together they build strength, stamina, flexibility, balance...and calm."
- Dorothy Smith Livick

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We want to be with you every step of the way on this journey of yours, and are always wanting to help. If you have any questions or concerns on whether or not hot yoga is the right move for you, please don't hesitate to contact us here!