Ever thought about becoming a yoga teacher?

Deepen your practice and understanding of these ancient teachings and maybe become a part of the Hot House crew. Beginning in February 2018 and will be hosted by Wendy Polka and Kristen Yax at our Midlothian Studio! 


Our focus is to develop powerful people into inspiring teachers. With over 10,000 hours of teaching experience, our teacher training programs are designed to provide an in-depth exploration into the process and science of yoga. Our programs are physically, mentally and spiritually challenging, but because we cannot teach where we have not been, this work is necessary to develop ourselves into effective, heartfelt teachers.


The 200-hour Teacher Training program explores the process and science of yoga. It is designed to transform passionate students into powerful teachers. It has two main intentions. The first is to teach the core principles of yoga and how to implement them into daily life, positively shifting the way we live and how we perceive our world. The second is to develop within each student the key attributes of a teacher. We’ve designed specific training drills that dramatically accelerate that learning process. Upon graduation, you’ll be able to confidently lead group classes through two systems, Niyata (Stability) and Vinyasa (Flow).



Friday: 4 p - 8 p
Saturday: 12 p - 8 p
Sunday: 12 p - 8 p



February 9 - 11
February 23 - 25 

March 16 - 18 

April 6 - 8
April 20 - 22

May 18 - 20 

June 1 - 3
June 22 - 24

July 13 - 15 (Graduation Weekend)


$2,749 - Early Bird Special ($250 Savings) Paid in full by December 31st.








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